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A Brief History of Tipis: From Shelters to Modern Wedding Venues

Tipis have a distinctive conical shape that is rich in cultural heritage. So let’s take you on a journey through time to find out the captivating history on how tipis have evolved.

Pre 19th Century

Native American tribes based in the Great Plains used tipis as their primary shelters and housing.

These tipis were constructed by several natural materials. Wooden poles formed the framework of the shelter. Animal fur such as Buffalo or deer fur was used for the covering of the tipi. Lacing or cordage was used to fasten the wooden poles together and the animal fur cover. A layer of grass or evergreen boughs were often used as an interior flooring. 

European Contact

In 1492, Europe first made contact with America. It is thought that tipis were still in use until the 19th century but eventually, the Europeans transported goods such as metal tools.  

By the late 19th century, the use of tipis had declined significantly among the American Plains tribes. Many people moved into more wooden housing.

Resurgence of Tipis in the Modern Era

Tipis have found a new role in today’s modern society. Their cultural beauty, and eco-friendly construction have led to tipi rentals becoming popular for festivals, ceremonial purposes, and most notably, weddings.

In recent years, wedding tipis have gained a huge growth trend as couples are seeking a unique wedding experience that blends the outdoors and indoors with the natural beauty of the tipis.