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Celebrating Love in a Dorset Tipi Wedding

A wedding is more than just exchanging vows. It is a celebration of love, showcasing a couple’s love story and the next chapter in their beautiful journey together. To go above and beyond, in recent years, couples have been opting for more unique and memorable wedding venues to celebrate their beautiful love journey. A trending wedding venue that is capturing the hearts of couples is Tipi Weddings in Dorset. 

Dorset’s Dazzling Landscapes

Dorset holds many stunning landscapes that provide the perfect backdrop for a tipi wedding. Whether it’s on a flat open field or next to a beach located near the beautiful Limestone cliffs, we’re certain you will be amazed by the natural beauty a tipi wedding brings. Imagine celebrating your special day with your loved ones right alongside nature.

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5 Essential Tips to Plan a Tipi Wedding in Dorset

To ensure your big day runs smoothly, here are 5 top tips you may need to consider when planning your tipi wedding in Dorset.

Guest List

Before you start any planning, it is best to create a rough list of how many guests will attend. This will help you plan a budget as it should indicate how many tipis you need to hire, catering costs, and more.


Choosing the perfect venue is never an easy choice. Many tipi rental companies in Dorset will recommend venues that they partner with but you can also choose a venue of your choice as long as you acquire the necessary permits. We recommend researching and visiting multiple venues to get an idea of which venue aligns with your vision of a perfect day.

Weather Contingency Plan

Assembling a weather contingency plan is almost essential in the UK. Even if the forecast is predicting lovely weather, I don’t think anyone 100% trusts the British weather.

Firstly, consider hosting the ceremony inside the tipi if the weather takes a turn for the worst. You may already have the dining tables set up so over the evening dance floor could be the best solution.

Tipi weddings are held all year round, including the cold winter months. Fire pits, heaters, and cozy blankets all all great options to keep your guests warm.

In the event of torrential downpours, since you’re located in the middle of a field, there is a good chance of the grass becoming wet and muddy. Therefore, putting walkway paths between the tipi tents and toilet facilities will keep the mud away.

Sleeping Arrangements

Whether your guests live far away or for those who plan on drinking, you will need to consider where they will sleep. A popular option for tipi weddings is to hire Bell tents for guests to sleep in. These can be assembled in the same field, or a nearby field. Too close to the tipi celebration may cause noise disturbance for those guests who want an early night.

Catering & Entertainment

Arguably the most important decisions- the food and entertainment!

Think about what type of catering you desire. Tipis are versatile events that can acquire almost anything. From formal dinners such as Sunday roasts to more casual dinners such as BBQ, almost anything fits the tipi agenda. Mobile bars are a perfect idea to provide drinks at a tipi venue.

Entertainment is often best arranged after everything else. Therefore, you know what your remaining budget is. If you are working on a tight budget, how about arranging a live musician to play in the daytime and then creating your own Spotify playlist for the dance floor. Who needs a DJ when you have your own epic playlist? All you’ll need is some loud speakers. On the other hand, if you have plenty of budget left, then think about hiring a live musician or band, a magician, and a DJ for the evening dance floor.

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Best Attractions in Dorset

If you’re planning on extending your stay in Dorset, here are some of the best activities and things to do in Dorset:

  • Corfe Castle- Explore this historic castle built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century.
  • Monkey World- An ape rescue centre where you can visit over 250 rescued apes in their 65 acre home.
  • Northe Fort- Visit a solidified coastal defence that was used in the second world war.
  • Weymouth Beach- With Dorset being a coastal county, there are plenty of beaches to have a family day out. Weymouth beach is one of the most popular ones in the county.
  • Durdle Door- One of the most popular natural landmarks in the UK. The famous stone arch is located next to the limestone cliffs as the sea pierces through the limestone.


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