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Tips for a Successful Tipi Event Hire in Hertfordshire

A tipi is a versatile structure that can host numerous events such as weddings, parties, and even corporate events so we have put together 3 essential tips when organising these events. 

3 Tips for a Wedding Tipi Hire


Carefully consider a venue that aligns with your wedding plans. Ensure it can accommodate all of your needs such as number of guests attending, parking spaces, toilet facilities, and anything else you require.

Choosing a location with a stunning scenic setting provides the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

Interior Layout

Work closely with your tipi rental company in Hertfordshire to discuss and come up with the ideal interior layout of your tipi wedding.  The number of tipis you hire will conclude which types of tipi layouts you could opt for. 

For smaller guest sizes, a two tipi layout side by side is the most common option, with 1 tipi used as the dining area and the other occupying the bar and dance floor. 

For medium guest sizes, 3 tipis may be needed. The most popular layout for 3 tipis is in a triangle format. 3 tipis in a long banquet style line is another great choice for more communal dining as longer tables can be utilised.

If you are inviting a lot of family and friends, in the region of over 200 people, then we suggest hiring 4 or more tipis. This gives you room to have enough dining tables, a dance floor, bar area, and a cozy space for a fire pit.

Planning for All Weather Conditions

With the weather in the UK being unpredictable, it is important to plan for all weather conditions. These are a few suggestions to consider:

  • If the ceremony cannot take place outdoors, have a backup plan to host it inside the tipi tents.
  • Consider including a cozy fire pit and heaters inside the tipis for when the temperature drops in the evening.

3 Tips for a Party Tipi Hire

Whether its a birthday, anniversary, gender reveal, or any other reason to celebrate, these are 3 tips to consider when hiring a tipi for a party in Hertfordshire.


Possibly the most important factor for a party, the entertainment! Consider different options that align and suit the style of your party such as hiring a magician, a live band, or a live musician.

Contemplate adding fun activities to the tipi party. Group dining games such as bingo, raffles are great to play altogether. Outdoor games such as giant jenga and connect four are also a brilliant addition to keep your party guests entertained.


A tipi provides a blank canvas where you can decorate the tipi to suit your party’s style and theme. Think about using party balloons, banners, and anything else that is appropriate to your theme.

Versatile Food Arrangements

Opting for a versatile food arrangement such as food trucks or a BBQ, allows guests to mingle together, and eat when and where they wish. This promotes a more relaxed and enjoyable party environment.

3 Tips for a Corporate Event Tipi Hire

Whether your company are planning a corporate celebration, a team bonding event, a product launch, or a presentation, these are 3 tips to consider when hiring a tipi for your corporate event in Hertfordshire. 

Blending Comfort with Professionalism

Even though a tipi event creates a relaxed atmosphere, it is important to include touches of professionalism. Choose comfortable seating arrangements to ensure attendees are engaged in any discussions. Having high quality visual and audio equipment will help ensure your presentation maintains a professional standard.

Customised Branding

Include your brand’s logo and message into the decorations of the tipi. Branded signs, banners, and even your brand’s colours could be incorporated into the design such a lighting.

Team Building Activities

Take advantage of the outdoor space that a tipi event has to offer. Whether it’s workshops, outdoor challenges, group activities, they all encourage collaboration in an open, relaxed environment.

Best Attractions in Hertfordshire

If you’re interested in extending your wedding or party tipi celebrations, or include more team bonding activities, then these are some of the best sites and activities to visit in Hertfordshire.

    • Paradise Wildlife Park- Explore this zoo, home to over 800 animals.
    • St Albans Cathedral- Visit the Shrine to Britain’s first ever saint.
    • Natural History Museum at Tring- Visit this extraordinary collection of stuffed mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects.
    • Cassiobury Park- A perfect place for family walks and activities as this 190 acre park consists of beautiful open grass and woodland with sport facilities.
    • The Snow Centre- Have a go at the indoor snow centre.


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