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The Rise of Tipi Weddings in Leicestershire

In recent years, a new groundbreaking and unconventional venue has been storming through the wedding scene in Leicestershire. The rise of wedding tipis has captured the hearts of couples searching for a unique and unforgettable wedding that is difficult to replicate at a traditional venue. So why are Tipis taking the wedding scene by storm?

Connection with Nature

Tipis enable couples to celebrate their special day with nature. There are no boring ballrooms here, just nature adding to the beautiful backdrop. Imagine exchanging your vows surrounded by Leicestershire’s stunning countryside.


Tipis provide couples with a blank canvas, allowing them to customise almost everything! From the furniture, decorations, catering, you name it – a tipi wedding lets couples make their wedding day as unique as their Spotify playlist.

Relaxed Environment

Tipis provide a more laid-back, chilled atmosphere. Imagine dancing under the stars and then sitting back, toasting marshmallows by the fire pit.

Memorable Photos

Let’s be honest, we all want to update our Instagram with stunning photos that will stay with us for a lifetime. Tipi weddings are like the holy grail of Instagram moments. They provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos as they effortlessly blend into Leicestershire’s landscape. “Say Cheese” as your social media is about to blow up!

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Tipi Location

Leicestershire tipi rental companies will have their own venues that you can choose from. However, because tipis are portable structures, they can be set up at different locations. Therefore, if you find your ideal location and have the required permits to host a tipi wedding there, many tipi rental companies will be willing to accommodate your request.

Here are a few factors to think about when choosing the perfect location for your Leicestershire tipi wedding:

  • Create a list of the guests you wish to invite so you have a rough idea of the numbers. This will allow you to choose a venue that can accommodate your required number of guests.
  • Setting a budget will allow you to see which venues align with your financial plan. Remember to include catering, entertainment, and decoration costs.
  • Leicestershire boasts unbelievable countryside settings so we recommend taking the time to explore plenty of possible locations with stunning backdrops. Consider the season of your wedding for the location you choose. For example, if you choose a woodland setting or a location with plenty of trees, how about having the wedding in the early Autumn when the trees will display vibrant of colours?
  • If you select your own venue instead of a tipi rental company’s venue, ensure you gain the necessary permits and permissions, as well as any noise curfews that may limit your celebrations in that area.
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Catering Ideas for a Leicestershire Tipi Wedding

These are some catering ideas that are convenient alongside a tipi wedding:

  • Leicestershire is known for its agriculture so a grilled BBQ using meats and vegetables from local farmers. Not only does this support local businesses but it can add a local personalised touch to your menu.
  • A buffet is a more laid-back approach where guests can eat and mingle when they wish. Consider adding Pork pies, Stilton cheese, and Red Leicester cheese as they are all local foods.
  • A tipi wedding is extremely versatile so if you’re after a more formal dinner, how about a roast Sunday dinner?
  • A dessert table is a popular option. A selection of cakes, cookies, and treats is always a hit amongst guests.

When planning your wedding many, remember to consider any dietary requirements that some of your guests may have.

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Best Attractions in Leicestershire

If you are interested in extending your wedding celebrations, how about visiting some of Leicestershire’s best attractions to make your festive even more memorable?

  • The National Space Centre is located in this county. It’s definitely worth a visit for anyone intrigued by space and astronomy.
  • The Leicester Museum & Art Gallery includes artifacts from ancient Egypt, Dinosaurs, Wild Space, and more.
  • Belvoir Castle is a historic castle and was recently used as the castle in Netflix’s popular ‘The Crown’ film.
  • Donington Park is a motorsport circuit and an ex-Formula 1 track. See if you can catch a race around the tipi wedding celebrations or even dive into an on-track driving experience.

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