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Hiring a tipi for your wedding, party, or event is the perfect way to celebrate with an element of charm and adventure that is hard to find at more traditional venues. Tipi rentals are growing in fashion due to the unique and memorable experiences that they produce. So hop on the trend today and find the best tipi rental companies in your region.

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Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Tipi Wedding

Tipis are portable structures that are set up and taken down for each event. This makes them incredibly versatile as they can be set up in a variety of outdoor locations. Choosing the perfect location for your tipi wedding can be one of the most difficult choices in the planning process as it can impact the experience you and your guests have on your special day.

Meadow Magic

The broad, open grasslands surrounded by forests, wildflowers, and hills create a natural and picturesque backdrop. These open fields create an opportunity for couples to personalise their wedding day surroundings by hiring food vans, outdoor seating area, games, and more.

Beachside Paradise

Beachside tipi weddings are ideal for those wanting a relaxing, romantic setting. The sound of waves crashing against the shore and the stunning seaside view create a remarkable backdrop atmosphere. Beach locations provide the opportunity to exchange vows with the sea in the background or host the ceremony right on the shore.

Woodland Retreat

For those searching for a more lush, secluded setting, woodlands are a perfect choice. The towering trees and immense greenery make it an ideal option for nature lovers who wish to celebrate their wedding day among the beauty of the forest.

Lakeside Tranquility

Organising a lakeside tipi wedding adds a glamorous finishing touch to enhance the romantic experience of your tipi wedding. The water, trees, wildflowers, and open space, along with the tipi, all create a unique tranquil atmosphere.  


When it comes to choosing the perfect location for your tipi wedding, consider the setting and natural environment that corresponds to you and your partner’s dream day. Also consider the practical arrangements such as parking availability, sleeping arrangements, transportation links, restrooms, and any other necessary planning required.