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Why Sussex Tipi Weddings Are the Ultimate Choice

Recent years have witnessed a surge in demand for unique wedding venues. For couples desiring a venue that goes beyond tradition, tipi weddings in Sussex have emerged as the ultimate choice.

Connection with Nature

A key reason to the rise in demand for Surrey tipi hires is its connection with nature. Unlike a traditional church or village hall venue, tipis allow couples to celebrate their special day under the open skies in the charming countryside, whilst enjoying shelter beneath the tents in case of  unpleasant weather.


A tipi provides a blank canvas where couples can customise their day to suit their style and needs. The location, decorations, tipi layout, entertainment choices, plus much more can all be personalised to your desired needs. 

Flexible Guest List

Whether you envision a grand get-together celebration or a smaller-scale wedding, a tipi can accommodate your guest list’s size. One giant hat tipi can seat 72 guests but remember you may need extra tipis for the dance floor, a bar, and anything else you may want to include. If you plan on inviting more than 72 guests, tipis can join to create more space and accommodate your higher guest list.

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Choosing the Perfect Location

Choosing the perfect location to host your tipi wedding in Sussex is a key part in ensuring you have a memorable special day. Many tipi rental companies in Sussex will have their own venues you can choose from but if you have your own area, they would be happy to bring the tipis to you. Just ensure you have the necessary permits and permissions to host a tipi event on that land.

When selecting a venue, ensure you have enough space for the tipis and any other structures you have planned such as catering tents, toilet facilities, outdoor games, and more.

A location with a stunning backdrop will enhance the overall wedding celebrations.

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Weather Contingency Plan

Having a weather contingency plan is essential with the uncertainty of British weather. Tipi events occur all year round but consider some of these options to make the day enjoyable in case the weather takes an unexpected turn:

  • A fire pit, heaters, and blankets are good solutions for colder conditions.
  • A walkway path between tents, food trucks, outdoor games, toilets, or anything else you have setup is ideal especially if the grass is wet and muddy.
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Catering Ideas

A tipi wedding gives you the opportunity to be creative and provide a unique dining experience for your guests. With it being an outdoor venue, these are some catering ideas that you could consider:

  • BBQ buffet- A more laid back dining experience featuring grilled meat and vegetables that will be a hit with your guests. 
  • Hog Roast- A popular choice for tipi weddings that is another perfect outdoor dining experience.
  • Food Trucks- A trendy and convenient option where guests can enjoy burgers, pizzas, ice cream, and any other alternatives you choose.
  • Dessert Bar- You can’t go wrong with adding a dessert bar onto any of these catering options. Guests will love the variety of sweets, cookies, cakes, and other options.
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Best Attractions in Sussex

If your guests are interested in extending the wedding celebrations and spending more time in Sussex, provide them with this list of awesome attractions they can visit to make their experience more memorable and enjoyable.

  • Drusillas Park- A perfect place to bring younger children. Explore the zoo’s animals and plunge into the exciting rides targeted at children under the age of 10.
  • Brighton’s Beaches- Explore the coastal city of Brighton where you can enjoy seaside walks, visit the Royal Pavilion, and experience the famous Brighton i360 tower ride.
  • Seven Sisters Cliffs- These Seven Sisters cliffs are a must visit for nature enthusiasts. These breathtaking white chalk cliffs runs for 14 miles across the coast of the English channel.
  • Bodiam Castle- A spectacular ruin Castle that is still in good condition. There is a lovely cafe located at the site and many scenic walks you can take around the Castle’s land.

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